Slice The Cake - Hidden Track (What the Hell is this Crap?) lmao

2021.12.04 22:24 SunMcLob Slice The Cake - Hidden Track (What the Hell is this Crap?) lmao

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2021.12.04 22:24 No_Abbreviations4274 MoonRocket 🚀 | Stealth Launched 30 mins Ago | Dev Active in VC | BUSD Rewards | Huge Marketing | Long Term Goals

1.Why MoonRocket? 🤔

2.Future Development 🔮
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Buy/Sell Tax (10%)
4.Roadmap 🚀
Phase 1:
⁃ Website Integration
⁃ Stealth Launch in October
⁃ Begin First Marketing Campaign
⁃ Slow and Organic Growth
Phase 2:
⁃ 3rd Party Audits
⁃ Community Giveaways
⁃ 1.5k Holders
⁃ Massive Burn
⁃ CoinGecko Listing
Phase 3:
⁃ NFT Artist Partnership
⁃ Development of Moon Rocket NFTs
⁃ CMC Listing
⁃ Celebrity Influencers
Phase 4:
🔒 Liquidity locked :
CONTRACT: 0x46c65c22b127ac20a4096d1f937146020889b77c
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2021.12.04 22:24 clip_mirror_bot Minx asks her mom for an advice

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2021.12.04 22:24 No_Abbreviations7158 My puppy doesn’t like toys, how do I play with him?

Snuggly buddy, plush toys, teething toys, rope toys, none. He doesn’t like anything I got for him lol. What does that tell me in terms of training and bonding? What can I replace toys with?
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2021.12.04 22:24 lilibat Not DONE done, but I did a 2.0 DA update.

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2021.12.04 22:24 vbud Great advice on how to find the right physical therapist

I'm 3 years post-op, but I found The ACL Athlete podcast this week (via a recent post) outlining what to look for (and what to avoid) in a physical therapist.
Part 1:
Part 2:
He talks about what an up-to-date rehab program looks like, difficulties you might encounter with insurance, the importance of strength training, questions to ask in order to identify an effective PT, and much more.
There is some amazing advice in these podcasts that 100% tracks with my own experience during my recovery. I would have saved a lot of time (at least 6 months) and heartache if I had known about this podcast before getting my surgery and starting my rehab.
If you are pre-surgery, early in your rehab, or struggling at any point during your recovery, I recommend listening.
(I think he also has a podcast about finding a surgeon - I haven't listened to that one yet.)
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2021.12.04 22:24 Boring_Bit9481 Hot4lexi 28.82 GB mega for only $5 has 218 videos and 173 pictures in total message me if you’re interested (can also show proof if needed)

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2021.12.04 22:24 flydancer44 Cuddling and kindness

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2021.12.04 22:24 TheFallingRainbow Trading frost dragon for robux!

Please offer idk the robux worth?? I prefer group funds :-)
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2021.12.04 22:24 Cincichad I made Demo better

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2021.12.04 22:24 Morigin Dream realized. Family game off to a great start.

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2021.12.04 22:24 Lizardqing Had a Blue Heron hanging in the creek behind our campsite today, didn’t want to get my feet wet so I broke out the Mini 2 to grab a photo.

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2021.12.04 22:24 Games4youTV Please help me

I can't change my channel URL and I receive emails to other my channels and last channel no, Why?
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2021.12.04 22:24 Pwillie_ bartender @ Folsom Field , 2001 is just way too strong. can’t get enough of it. gives me chills and makes me tear up almost every time. best live performance I think I’ve ever seen (on the internet)

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2021.12.04 22:24 throwaway859239 Just finished building and I’m actually sad I don’t live here :(

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2021.12.04 22:24 RagnarLothrbok Summoner and Eldions

I have a question on how this class works, do the summoner and the creature share an hp pool, or do does the creature take the hp values of the summoner? Also when they mention the act in tandem action it says that it they act together from 1 to 3 actions. Does this allow them to get 4 actions on their turn in total? It says that you use an action with the values from 1-3 actions and the other does one action, but all the examples are with something with 2 actions with the ally doing one action. So is the limit still 3 as per normal or is it now to 4? If the latter in not the case then what benefit is it since for spells you can sustain a summon X spell to give the summoned creature 2 actions for one of your actions? Also I am confused as to how this class is useful, like what is their roll? I have been using that they share an HP pool since thats how I interpeted the ruling. But then I run into the issue where they just end up going down since they basically can take double damage as now two things can hit them at the same time. Any tips would be welcome too. I am new to the Pathfinder 2e system as I am coming from DND 5e.
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2021.12.04 22:24 heynuggz Like this if you'd fuck me without thinking 😍

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2021.12.04 22:24 just_a_pringle Feeling great right now

I just wanted to share that I'm feeling fucking great! It's 2:30 am, gf is asleep. I've been doing lines since 18:00 and just did my last line. I'm in pure bliss. Wish I had someone to chat with though.
Just sending some vibes to anyone reading Love!
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2021.12.04 22:24 Fit_Custard_3766 Best Bathurst 1000 LIVE STREAM@REDDIT

LIVE: It’s finally here. The Great Race. The pinnacle of Australian motorsport, around the pinnacle itself of Mount Panorama. 6.2 kilometres each lap, 161 of them adding up to a gruelling 1,000 kilometres all told.
But there has been late drama with a pair of top-five contenders copping huge penalties for rule breaches in the Top 10 Shootout.
And a weekend packed full of monster crashes continued with S5000 Tasman Series leader Aaron Cameron crashing TWICE in the feature race on Sunday morning, the second a terrifying collision that left him spinning out at The Chase at 275km/h and completely shattered his car
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2021.12.04 22:24 Tseelbinder Training Help

Hey everyone I’ve posted here a few times and was hoping someone could give me a tip on how to get my Shiba to not go into “hunting mode” I haven’t figured out a good way to get her snap out of it.
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2021.12.04 22:24 abstract-balance Custom Made Shelf?

Hi all! :)
I'm interested in getting a custom shelf made. I have written down the measurements of each piece of wood and have drawn a picture of how I would like it to be put together.
Is it possible to go to a place where someone can make custom wooden shelves for me?
I do not have the tools or know-how and do not want to buy the tools as I would never use them.
I'm absolutely sure I can not buy this special shelf anywhere already-made as the measurements are just too weird to be normal.
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2021.12.04 22:24 FleingsSquiently 👻SantaBoo👻 Stealth Launch NOW | 👨‍💻Huge Marketing Team | 🌎Massive Advertising Campaign | 📱Mobile App | 👨‍🎓Professional Dedicated Team | 💰Grab Your Bag | 🎅 Santa is Coming | 📢Daily AMAs

Santaboo Token just launched and our community is organically growing super fast, we are here to offer you one of the most professional services out there. A Dedicated Team is here to astonish you with the best experience in the cryptoworld.
💻 Website 💻
profesionally designed to attract multiple audiences and niches, will be constantly updated to track all our token statistics.
📱 Mobile application 📱
Our Software Engineers are creating one of the best application in the sector, it is meant to literally break the system. The most innovative strategies will be set in one single app, accessible from anywhere in the world. This will allow you to buy and sell our token and any cryptocurrency with a simple touch.
🖼 NFT Collection 🖼
We will give massive utility to our investor by allowing them to mint our NFTs with our $STBOO Tokens, You will get features like reduced tax on buy and sell, increased reward percentages and you will be whitelisted for our Staking Function. NFT Owners will have a massive impact on our ecosystem and will also participate in the beta phase of our P2E Game .
📣 Marketing 📣
This will be our key point, we know that having the best product to offer is not enough. We must become viral and spread the word, everyone will know about us, Billboards will be placed, TikTok Influencers hired, Youtube videos filmed, Twitter Influencers will be paid to spread all around the world SantaBoo Token. Our Marketing Strategies can't be compared to any other, and result will be seen.
Don't miss this opportunity, We stealth launched to give anyone the same chance to fulfill their dreams, Now is your moment DO NOT MISS IT!
📊 Tokenomics 📊 (1Bil) Supply
10% Taxes for Buy and Sell
5% to Marketing
3% to Liquidity
2% to Holders
Our Team after long researches decided to implement a fair system for everyone, which does not allow anyone to have more than 1% of the total supply of the tokens minted. Same goes for transactions only 1% of supply can be sold at once, that drastically reduces chances of massive dumps, and allows a massive stability to our coin value.
Telegram :
Website :
Contract is Verified :
Liquidity is locked for 20 years :
Ownership is renounced :
Join the community we will be more than happy to have an important person like you with us.
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2021.12.04 22:24 DubstepKoons9 Assassin's Hood & Senu's Feather

Due to final exams and university life, I've missed out on the event quest to get the Assassin's Hood+ and Baek Layered armor. I have the normal Assassin's Hood and have 1 Senu's Feather from doing the SDF quest once. However, I haven't even turned on the computer I play MHW on since October. If I turn on the computer without updating the game and without connecting to the internet, will I be able to complete the quests required to upgrade the hood and get the layered armour? If not, is there a mod for the game that unlocks the content?

I suppose the event quest became unavailable because the license for the AC tie-in expired, but since people are still able to use the layered armour and the hood in game, that means it's still in the game data right? Just that Capcom doesn't officially have the rights to use it anymore? In which case is there a way to unlock that data in the game files?
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2021.12.04 22:24 _RainbowBaby_ My personalised "The binding of Isaac" icon!! I'm not a professional graphic designer, i just made it for fun!!

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2021.12.04 22:24 No_Procedure1200 Buy the dip

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