How dare the front desk worker not be inside the burning building!

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2021.12.04 22:00 KrazyKhajiitLady How dare the front desk worker not be inside the burning building!

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2021.12.04 22:00 TherealX-77 How to overhaul the lighting on an Athearn F59phi and DCC it. (Early 2000s first release)

I have 2 first run F59phis, but they're nowhere near on par with even an F59phi from 3 years later, as the lighting in the first run of F59phis is the old system with a single bulb and window glazing that leads to the head and ditchlights. There's no DCC ready board on the engine, and I'm thinking of eventually adding ESU Loksound to all my of my F59phis. The lack of a board is a massive setback. And along with that, I may as well ask how to add red marker lights to the model as both older and new models don't have them, but real life prototypes do.
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2021.12.04 22:00 FunTechnician2234 I am curious will it be the best settings on PC for the game 1650 with an AMD Ryzen 3100?

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2021.12.04 22:00 Inside-Ad-4382 i feel like hope would be a lot more interesting without landon

this is definitely biased bc i don’t like landon and i don’t like that it’s the hope and landon show BUT i just think the character had so much potential and it’s wasted on him. it’s making me find hope annoying tbh. does anyone feel the same
** i’m in the middle of season 3 (ep 9) so no spoilers please!
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2021.12.04 22:00 epic-time AC not blowing through head vents (1989 240sx)

I have an issue where my ac only blows through the foot vents and defroster vents. It blows fairly cold, but when I select the head vent button no air comes out at all. I don’t think it’s the blower or a fuse as multiple vents work and air is coming through. Might it be a cabin filter, or maybe I made a wrong assumption? Resources on this particular problem are a bit scarce which is why I’m troubling you guys for help.
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2021.12.04 22:00 getthefrikoutamyroom I made a gingerbread house (it's kinda abstract teehee)

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辻元氏が語る衆院選「敗因総括」と「維新の強さ」 「憎悪」と「対立」の政治土壌が広がっている(東洋経済オンライン) - Yahoo!ニュース - Yahoo!ニュース submitted by byakuren-bot to newsokur [link] [comments]

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2021.12.04 22:00 autotldr School shooting suspect told counselors alarming drawings were for video game, superintendent says

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The suspect in the deadly shooting at a Michigan high school reportedly told school guidance counselors that the alarming drawings his teacher discovered the morning of Tuesday's massacre were for a video game he was designing, school officials said.
Hours before authorities allege 15-year-old sophomore Ethan Crumbley fired his father's semi-automatic handgun in the hallway of Oxford High School, killing four and wounding seven, a teacher saw a note on his desk with a drawing of a semi-automatic handgun pointing at the words, "The thoughts won't stop, help me," prosecutors said.
After the teacher found the note, Crumbley was removed from the classroom and his parents were called to the school, prosecutors said.
Crumbley reportedly told school guidance counselors that the "Concerning" drawings were for a video game he was designing, and that he intended to pursue video game design as a career, Oxford Community Schools Superintendent Tim Throne said in a lengthy message to the school community Saturday.
The lack of a disciplinary record led staff to send Crumbley back to class "Rather than to an empty house," Throne said.
Crumbley's parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley, have also been charged in connection with the shooting.
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2021.12.04 22:00 IsaiahTrenton Encanto is a Fun But Disappointing Spectacle (LONG POST AND SPOILERS)

Because I am a shill and total fanboy I went to see Encanto. It was....flawed, but mostly okay. I feel like this film is at a disadvantage because it's going to be compared to Moana and Coco because of similar story beats, shared creative members and overall cultural importance. However Moana was the closest Disney has gotten to an epic with it's oceans spanning Odyssey-esque story. Coco was a sprawling adventure through the underworld. Both of those films had a sense of scope that let the overall basic stories they were telling feel much more grandiose. Encanto isn't that. In fact, Encanto feels more like a play than anything else. Most of the story takes place in one general setting. The magic is more related to personal strengths and failings. The fantastical adventure scenes are more metaphorical and represent inner turmoil. This is actually somewhat new for Disney. However it's also one of the movie's flaws while at the same time it's strength. The concept itself is sound but it's execution in part is lacking and it's because all of what I mentioned takes place in some of the musical sequences.
I like Lin Manuel Miranda. I'm not a fanboy but I'm also not a hater. Moana remains his strongest work simply because there was someone else to reign in his bad habits. There was way too much fast talking that he likes to pass off as rapping in this film. I refuse to call it actual rapping because at times the flow was messier than a season of Real Housewives of Miami. There were times I couldn't even make out what they were saying. I had to lookup the lyrics to a couple songs to know what was being said. Cast actual rappers to perform/write the rapping segments of your music Lin. I promise you it will be so much better. When In The Heights came out in 2007, his style was a breath of fresh air. By this point, it's become stale. Luisa popping and locking to, what I'll generously call a Reggaeton song, took me out of the movie.
Musicals work best when it feels like the music is a natural extension of the characters' emotions that they cannot express in words. When singing is no longer enough, they must dance. That progression isn't just some old timey tradition. It's a proven formula to help communicate the gradual progression of emotion. There are songs in this film that really mess with the flow because in these songs it feels like some dialogue was cut that would lead into the characters singing. Proper integration of your songs is key to making sure your musical doesn't feel like a parody of itself. For example, when Isabella and Mirabel have their confrontation the song interrupts the actual emotion of the scene. Isabella starts singing about how she feels so much pressure to be perfect. That's fine as a concept but I think there needed to be more that lead into the song. Here's an example:
Mirabel: I thought you could only make flowers.
Isabella: I've only ever been told to make flowers. Abeula wants things perfect. What's more perfect than a rose?
Mirabel: Flowers are beautiful. But....they're not everything. Flowers wither and die. You find yourself in a vicious cycle to keep making more and more until....
Isabella: It's all I am.
Mirabel: Is that what you think you are? Just beauty?
Isabella: What else is there?
Mirabel: Maybe you could find out.
Then you lead to a sequence of Isabella making all kinds of weird shit. You then reframe the song as Mirabel pushing Isabella to push herself. However in the movie proper, Isabella essentially tells us what's wrong with her, identifies the solution and then enacts that solution with Mirabel basically acting as backup. Letting Mirabel be the emotional lead in this sequence would have been so much more impactful. Because now you have her guiding her sister down the right path. It also strengthens her character and emphasizes her role as the one who can heal the cracks. Why not let her also be the one to realize Isabella doesn't actually want to marry CGI Maluma? Maybe Mirabel could see what no one else could, which is where I thought they were going with that. There's a lot emphasis on eyes and Mirabel is the only one with glasses. It's implied that's what's going on but I feel it could have been more explicit.
At times the music in this film feels like an obligation rather than an extension of what the characters wish to express. Honestly this almost would've been stronger without the songs. Lin doesn't get an Oscar nomination that way but the non singing portions of the movie almost feel like a different film. Almost everything with Alma and Mirabel feels like a tense family drama. The songs intrude on almost every real moment the film is going for. Luisa's song is a great example. For one, it doesn't need to exist. You could easily just have her do something like:
Luisa: I'm fine. Everything's fine. I've gotta get the donkeys. The church needs realignment. I've gotta do so much before this proposal so I really don't have time to--
Mirabel: Luisa do you need to talk?
Luisa: I don't know anything about the magic fading and--
Mirabel: Then don't talk about that. Tell me what's going on with you. Delores heard your eye twitch. Is something on your mind?
Luisa: Huh....
Mirabel: What's wrong?
Luisa: No one ever asked me that before.
This could lead to a conversation about how she doesn't feel strong enough to handle every single thing falling down around her and she wishes that her gift was something else. She's tired and she wants a break but if she expresses that she knows she'll let Abuela down. You can then have the in canon ending of Mirabel hugging her and letting her know it's alright. But her song brings the movie to a screeching halt. It has almost no relation style wise to any other song. The sequences are even more cartoonish than anything else in the film. It feels like the Latina version of A Friend Like Me. It feels out of place. The integration is also a bit sloppy and for a minute I was waiting for Mirabel to ask 'why are you singing?' I should not be thinking about whether or not the characters are actually singing unless I'm watching Monty Python's Holy Grail. The natural progression from talking to singing doesn't work for a good chunk of the musical numbers. The movie just stops so the characters can have a number except for three of them and I'll get to those.
A good example of how to do is the Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid. Sebastian is speaking but when his words no longer work he sings. But during that speaking the music for the song starts to play under him hinting at the progression. We not only see that words fail but we hear it as well. The song isn't born simply of us needing a song here. It's born of Sebastian's frustration at not getting through to Ariel. Luisa's song kinda does that but there's no a clear enough line from when her words no longer get the job done to when she needs to sing. The music should have been moved up to earlier in their interaction to smooth this out.
YouTuber Sideways has a great video on Disney's Tarzan and why the music in that film does the most a disservice. I'll link it here but to sum it up, because the songs are sung at by some disembodied narrator and not by the characters themselves there is a disconnect of emotion. The musical sequences feel more like music videos rather than an expression of anything the characters are thinking or feeling. He also made another video about how Disney uses language and details how they evolved from using non English languages as cultural flourishes, to using them being sung onscreen by the people of that culture to make a narrative point. So with all that said, Encanto feels like a step.
The emotional lynchpin on the film Dos Orgulitas is sung at us by some unseen voice. But it's also the only other song besides the title track sung entirely in Spanish. I understand this is meant for a largely English speaking audience but again it feels like a drawback. In Moana, half of a song is sung in a Polynesian language. Coco had many songs that Incorporated Spanish and the climax of the film was a song sung in Spanish. So with all that said, why not have Alma actually sing Dos Orgulitas? You could even keep it in Spanish. But by not having her sing it creates a distance between the audience and her emotionally. Imagine if Let It Go were sung by an offscreen voice while Elsa sealed herself away from the world. Or if Part of Your World, Almost There, Reflections, I Am Moana or Remember Me had sequences where we didn't see the characters singing. Even if the issue is having a character on screen sing in Spanish the whole time you could have worked in the lyrics so she is expressing herself less ambiguously. Hell the lyrics as is work well enough in English that you could have her sing it. But having the most narratively important song sung at us instead of to us, doesn't work for me.
Waiting for a Miracle, We Don't Talk About Bruno and The Family Madrigal work pretty well in terms of function. Mi Encanto, Colombia is fun but mostly serves as a transition track. It's not communicating anything narratively and plays over scenes where characters are mostly just doing things like having a party. It's fine, no complaints. The Family Madrigal and We Don't Talk About Bruno are the best numbers in the song. The former because there's so much build up between when the music starts and when the lyrics kick in. The singing feels like a natural extension of what Mirabel is trying to do, which is explain her family. It also could not be done simply through words. With Surface Pressure and What Else Can I Do, dialogue would have actually worked better for most of that. We Don't Talk About Bruno is born from Pepa's frustration that Mirabel is digging into matters she shouldn't. Words fail and she must sing. Waiting on a Miracle is successful in part for the same reason but I do have one big issue with it.
Stephanie Beatriz gives Mirabel a lot of spunk and character. But her singing isn't great and that kinda works in a way. Her character is 'average' so it makes sense she's just an okay singer. However her big ballad doesn't really resonate with me for that same reason. It's written for a much bigger voice than she actually has. There's a point in the song where the music indicates this where she needs to belt. It crescendos but she does not. She mostly stays at the same octave most of the song. This is supposed to be her Reflection, her How Far I'll Go, her Part of Your World. But because Stephanie physically cannot sing on par with Jodi Benson or Lea Salonga, and to be fair few people can, the song doesn't quite land on it's own. They should have used another actress as her singing voice. Great singers know how to make themselves sound average. For an interesting example, see Jason Alexander singing 'Believe It or Not, I'm Not Home'. What pushes Waiting on a Miracle into being a great sequence is the staging.
Integration and thematic cohesion aside, Encanto has hands down the most creative, energetic and dynamic musical sequences I've seen in a musical in a very, very long time. I'm not even just talking animated musicals. This shit is on par with Chicago in it's staging. I listened to the soundtrack before I saw the movie and thought 'this is cute'. Then I saw the movie and was blown away by some of the things they did here. We Don't Talk About Bruno feels like a rollercoaster of s song. It functions both as a villain song of sorts, think Cruella De Vil, but also as a really good ensemble number. Each character gets a moment to shine and use their powers in creative ways. The movement is so fluid and the lighting is excellent. The transitions from each verse is signified by different dancing styles, lighting and camera angles. It's an explosive number that is almost dizzying and the camerawork is integral to communicating this. I felt as overwhelmed as Mirabel did.
Speaking of movement, Disney really captured the magic of dance with Encanto. Dancing in animation has always been hit or miss. It can either be great or feel like something meant for a meme. Outside of Surface Pressure, most of the musical sequences have excellent choreography. The movement is so fluid and each character feels incredibly vibrant and lived in. The character animation is great, the character work not so much. Outside of Mirabel, Almo, Bruno and a few others most of the family is relegated to being side characters who are largely used for sight gags. Pepa, Camilo, Felix, Mirabel's parents and to a lesser degree Antonio aren't super pivotal to the narrative. They're in it a lot and they're mostly entertaining but Mirabel barely interacts with most of them outside of a song or a talk here or there. You could have easily written half of them out of the plot and not skipped a beat. Even Luisa is shunted off to the side after her big number. When Bruno has his vision about Mirabel needing to reconcile with Isabella I kind of laughed. Yes this character who we have heard maybe ten lines from who they barely hinted at having any layers is now pivotal to the plot. As much as I enjoyed her musical number, I was particularly emotionally invested because we just spent an hour and some change with Colombian Regina George and they're just now bothering to give her some depth. Also there's no apology on her end for treating her younger sister like an interloper the bulk of the movie. She basically has her epiphany on her own, randomly thanks Mirabel for it despite her not really doing much and now we gotta fight with her grandma.
Speaking of which, I would like Disney to go back to writing actual villains again. A large part of why Coco worked was because there was an antagonist that embodied the opposite of the themes the movie was trying to preach. Ernesto de la Cruz was a man who eschewed any meaningful relationships in his life in pursuit of fame and glory. His being revealed as a monster allowed Miguel to realize the role model he had been looking for was in the humble man in front of him all along. By having something to fight against, it allowed the members of the family who weren't on the best terms to find something to fight against and realize the pettiness of their divide. Having an antagonist, spurred along character development for Miguel and Imelda.
Encanto needed a flesh and bone villain that would give the other characters a reason to work together and play off each other. The magic being lost and the house crumbling should have been the climax of the second act. Then the family is working against whatever threat for the rest of the film. Since it's heavily implied the magic comes from something outside of the candle, why not get creative with that? As the characters are trying to stop the threat they do things they wouldn't normally do when they had powers and in doing so they get those powers back. Therefore showing that the magic was in the family themselves and not inherent to just a spell or whatever it was. In fact the best part for me, was the various characters using their powers to get the candle. On that note, the rules of the magic didn't make a ton of sense. Yes I know it's essentially a fairy tale but usually in these movies we get some kind of rules or parameters. Kiss the prince or become a sea urchin. Find true love before the petal falls or you're a beast forever. Touch the spindle and you go to sleep until true love's kiss wakes you up etc etc. Here we don't really get that and that would be fine if so much emphasis wasn't put on preserving the magic or getting it back.
Lastly, the animation itself is obviously very beautiful and well done but that's not really enough for me anymore. Disney has proven they can create gorgeous animated films but the stories have been weak. Moana and Zootopia stand out as being stronger but Big Hero 6, Ralph Wrecks the Internet, Raya, Frozen 2 and now Encanto show an over reliance on medium and not enough focus on using the medium to tell a strong story. Spiderverse stands out as a recent animated film that used its medium in service to the story it was telling. Encanto almost didn't even need to be animated. Magical powers aside so much of the film is grounded in reality they could have just shot this in live action. Perhaps that would have forced them to focus on the story instead, who knows. As is I'd give this film a 5 or 6/10.
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I’d like to find a way to display my collection still in the packaging but don’t want to put a million holes in the wall. Has anyone found a good solution?
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