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Looking for a clan who completes brutal clan boss daily! I’m a somewhat newer player and get about 20 million on clan boss a day! I compete hard in CVC and do clan quests! Jpwilly11 is my user! Thanks!!

2022.01.24 00:59 JPWilly11 Looking for a clan who completes brutal clan boss daily! I’m a somewhat newer player and get about 20 million on clan boss a day! I compete hard in CVC and do clan quests! Jpwilly11 is my user! Thanks!!

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2022.01.24 00:59 themightyhetspeaks81 Am I not right?

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2022.01.24 00:59 Lmir2000 Terry silver’s actions.

Do you believe that Silver’s decision to bribe the ref and frame kreese go hand in hand? If kreese hadn’t poked the bear, silver wouldn’t have felt inclined to “shed his weakness.” If silver hadn’t planned to frame kreese, do you think he would have bribed the ref regardless?
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2022.01.24 00:59 MemerThoughts Spotify interrupts you to tell you the joy of not being interrupted.

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2022.01.24 00:59 QDSchro Worms that won’t die? Not sure how to proceed.

Species: Dog
Age:5 months
Sex/neuter status: Intact Male
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer(Merle color)
Body weight: 5.6lbs(Jan 13)
History: 3 fecal( Ova and parasite) test positive for worms. No indication of specifics, but lab results on January 14 indicate rhabditiform larvae(5 to 10 eggs or parasites seen on entire slide). First sample was given in November he was treated with pyrantel pomade suspension (50mg/ml), panacur 10% suspension,Metronidazole oral suspension 100mg… after all of those medications were completed he started Simparica Trio….second sample was a month later in December, he was treated with panacur powder (for I believe a week) alongside the Simparica Trio, third sample was in January( two weeks ago) they initially prescribed panacur 10% suspension(again) then changed his treatment plan to Drontal Plus( which is hard to come by),Bravecto,and advantage multi.
Clinical signs: currently there are no clinical signs present. First treatment he had inconsistent or mushy poop,but that has since resolved.
Duration: 3 months.
Location: Northern Florida
Thoughts: I’ve kind of lost faith in his vet at this point. When I pointed out that this third treatment was initially the exact same that he was given at the beginning. I was ignored. Then maybe they realized after I had already paid for and began treating with the panacur, that maybe they should try something else.
The active ingredients in the advantage multi and the Bravecto are the same as the Simparica Trio minus one of the wormers that is in Simparica Trio. She had no help as to an alternative to Drontal plus( which is out of stock everywhere for his size) so I did give him the Bayer quad dewormer that has the same ingredients for his size. And he is still on the Simparica Trio because they didn’t prescribe anything until after I had already given that to him.
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2022.01.24 00:59 eddyhead0407 Who's going to Arrowhead?!

Getting ready to buy tickets and thought it be good to see where people are sitting and where to tailgate before the game.
Will be a great game and a great experience to go to Arrowhead for a championship game.
Who Dey
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2022.01.24 00:59 DeerTonakai Petra Gets Denied

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2022.01.24 00:59 dkbe68 Kind of discouraged before I even begin…

So I am a new nurse with approximately three years under my belt. I did a telemetry fellowship in the beginning of my nursing career but decided not to work with that hospital due to the unfriendly/ hostile environment. I then went off to work in a pediatric (and sometimes adult) clinic/school setting. It’s a lot different from regular school nursing because of the demographic I work with and the fact that I actually do a lot of the things that I did in the hospital setting. For now, I won’t go into too much detail about my current job because I don’t want to give away any identifying information. Also I have been working at a major hospital in an inpatient behavioral health setting. I’ve worked at both of these places for approximately a year.
Long story short, I’ve wanted to do travel nursing for the longest time but decided this would be the best time to finally take that leap. I signed up with an agency (I don’t know if I should say the name) and as soon as the recruiter contacted me, I was put off by the first paragraph of her email. When I spoke to her she was a little offputting and didn’t seem to have read my resume or know anything about what I wanted to venture into. She made a lot of passive aggressive comments, but what really discouraged me was the fact that she basically stated that I was only able to do behavioral health nursing and that my other experience wasn’t relevant. She says that because I haven’t worked MedSurg in almost two years and haven’t worked in a place that was considered a clinic exclusively, that no one would be able to train me in two days like facilities usually do. Again, dismissing my work experience.
So basically I wanted to vent but also ask if, from your experience, do you think what she said about me being confined to behavioral health nursing is true? At this point I’m really discouraged and worried that I won’t be able to try the types of nursing (clinics, PreOp, etc.) that I want. I’m wondering if I should hold off on travel nursing and get some med surg experience before I do? TIA. I appreciate any input.
Sorry for any grammatical errors. I typed this quickly because I have to hit that hay for work in the a.m.
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2022.01.24 00:59 Beautiful-Mix-2252 Anyone have anything newer that raises the bar?

I almost finished R&M on my first binge. Second time around, i'm pretty sure i caught the shark jump. They didn't hide it. You probably don't want to ask.
So that's where the bar was circa 2015. Has it been raised yet?
In exchange, i'll throw yous a lost classic. I've catboxed the idea that this might be comunication between two cartels as probable forever.
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2022.01.24 00:59 butter717 starting school again tomorrow

hey mom. i wish i could actually talk to you about this but i’m sure i would leave the convo more stressed. i’m starting school again tomorrow. i had to take some time off bc of my mental health but i’ve been doing better. i’m really scared that this is going to ruin all of my progress, or that i’ll just be a total mess.
ive prepped as much as i can i think i really just need someone to tell me everything’s going to be alright.
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2022.01.24 00:59 mochamahogany White spots on lunch meat?

So, I have turkey meat and it has little white spots on the ring part (the outside). The turkey is not close to expiration date, and it smells like turkey and looks pink and fine. What are the white spots and should I be concerned?
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2022.01.24 00:59 SeijiWeiss Earphones no Sanheihou no Teiri 6th Anniversary LIVE「identity」Radio Broadcast before the Live

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2022.01.24 00:59 txhscoob Test

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2022.01.24 00:59 aminoxir It crazy how much better some players because of unique body types.

So me and my roommate share the same account for fifa, which makes the game more fun and less time consuming. Recently he's been bugging me about getting neymar and i'm like lets do muriel he beats him in so many stats or alessandrini. These guys on paper look like they should play at neymar's level. Anyway, today I finally cracked and we bought him and suddenly it feels like a different game, more chances being created, more fun, you can feel that's he is levels ahead of other players with similar stats. We had hit a wall at div 1, but now we're about to be in Elite. I know this might be obvious to some. But point is I never knew that some players could make such a big difference and we have packed base cruyff and Di natale.
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2022.01.24 00:59 wingedLunari present for you || long overdue scaramouche art

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2022.01.24 00:59 Gilrayen Anyone know what a gold bar is? It’s not your coin count.

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2022.01.24 00:59 PMmeyourSchwifty What's your favorite thing to snack on when you're high?

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2022.01.24 00:59 newthangs [OGEM] Soka University (Sem 1)

looking for the one other buddy who will be gg to soka in sem 1 🥺
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2022.01.24 00:58 nzdennis I support gay marriage. We have every right to be as miserable as straight people.

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2022.01.24 00:58 Deathbysnusnubooboo Like sand

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2022.01.24 00:58 AllyisntFair What do you THINK is going to happen this season?

These are some of my theories/predictions
View Poll
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2022.01.24 00:58 DankAlumni17 Who all still isn't updated??!

USA, boost mobile, no update since September 1, 2021. Version G781USQS6DUI1 Any recommendations or anything guys..? Would love to be updated when they are available.
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2022.01.24 00:58 level100loserr Rouge

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2022.01.24 00:58 matthis-k Having trouble to theme wofi like my rofi

I try to reproduce this with wofi, but it does not work with swaybar (either overlays the bar or does not foll the rest of the screen. I tried using width/height=100% in the config, but it did not fit the screen, I only could see the full wofi launcher at like 80% (this is with 90% by 80% and location=center, but it is not centered)
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2022.01.24 00:58 BDJhat Shallow Cup Holders

Hey all! I’ve been searching high and low for some 1” deep cup holder inserts for a board game table topper with little success. Have any of you had similar issues and found a solution?
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