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Record Your Screen AND Yourself at the Same Time in QuickTime

2022.01.23 23:43 katiasbuzz Record Your Screen AND Yourself at the Same Time in QuickTime

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2022.01.23 23:43 ZoolShop Kanye West Rocks White Contact Lenses While Out With Julia Fox At PFW – Hollywood Life

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2022.01.23 23:43 MooplesMoop blursed advertisement

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2022.01.23 23:43 autof4 Amazon Cranberry Granola Pack of 3

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2022.01.23 23:43 theflightyone Anyone know what this big creepy guy is? (Florianopolis, Brazil)

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2022.01.23 23:43 8bit_Pengu I was so close to an FC

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2022.01.23 23:43 Alvaro83 Join the LEAKS WORLD

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2022.01.23 23:43 billypennsballs Problem with J6 Committee and DOJ

The problem is that even in the face of this overwhelming evidence, Trumper‘s will just keep using the state of mind principle that they legitimately thought the election was stolen and were trying to follow legal means to disrupt it and send the allegedly inaccurate ballots back to the states. Proving that they knew that the ballots were accurately counted is potentially impossible and so I fear that they will actually win in a court of law by stating that they were following the law. In other words as distasteful as 60-65% of the voting public thought Trump was - and clearly voted him out - the Trumpers will just keep saying that the ballots from Georgia and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were tainted. And there’s enough FUD now from Trump and the right wing spin machine, and idiots out there to continue to believe that including, possibly, the Supreme Court. In a sense the Republican logic is we followed the law and everything else (the riot, trumps delay in stopping it, the draft exec orders etc) is immaterial and in fact validates this argument. In other words they’re sneaky lying fucks that are sore losers but they’ve constructed enough of a legal apparatus around it to possibly get out of it yet again. The Jan 6 cute and DOJ need to keep digging, and fast. The public is tired of this and will give Trump a pass because America always loves the underdog.
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2022.01.23 23:43 AdministrationOk7655 Last day to drop

I saw the last day to drop a class was January 24th, but i was wondering if it was january 24th at 12am or 11:59 pm. Thank you!
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2022.01.23 23:43 Shiir0sworstenemy Trans people who lie to their friends and they theyre cis get too much hate

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2022.01.23 23:43 jaisufellow What videogame would you give to someone as a “gag” gift?

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2022.01.23 23:43 my-name-is-ro Heard we Stan supportive parents here

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2022.01.23 23:43 SaigoBattosai I don't understand this girl

So me (29m) matched with this (24f) on Tinder, she said she is never on Tinder and to add her on Snapchat. I added her on Snapchat and half the time she won't reply to my messages. I guess I'm boring her? I don't know, I haven't really flirted or had female friends in several years, but I find it strange that we matched on Tinder and she seems to have no interest in attempting to have a conversation with me.
It's just really starting to frustrate me, like I was under the impression she must like me somewhat since we matched on a DATING APP and we even have similar interests, and yet she really seems like she doesn't want to talk at all. How is a guy suppose to meet women and form relationships if the girls don't even want to communicate/talk? How are you supposed to build any sort of connection and possibly go on a date if you aren't willing to talk? I'd rather not go off on a rant, so I digress, should I just move on? I suppose I am a bit "clingy" I try not to be but I am starved for social attention, especially from the opposite sex. I'm not trying to be weird. I just want her to engage in a conversation with me, at least message back. I'm doing my best to start and hold a conversation, but it's beginning to get to the point where it looks like I'm pestering hebeing annoying and she just keeps leaving me on read. I've seen other girls do this in the past as well, it's always upset me. And sure, she might be at work or busy or possibly just doing something, I have no way of knowing. I should give her the benefit of the doubt I suppose. It's just to me, I enjoy it when a girl actually wants to talk with me and have conversations with me, it makes me feel like they're interested in me and it helps build familiarity with one another. If I'm the only one talking or wanting to talk, it's the equivalent of just talking to a wall. Why did she swipe right on me if she wasn't interested in talking with me? Surely she must have saw my profile and thought "Oh he's cute" or "Oh, we have stuff in common and I'd like to talk with him some more." I'm actually interested in her but she doesn't seem interested in me, almost like she didn't mean to swipe right on me or is just doing this to mess with me.
I don't know anymore, it's just all so tiresome and frustrating, it's why I really don't care for dating apps, 90% of girls I match with (When I even get matches) never reply back to me. It's like they'll swipe right on you, match with you, and then won't bother to engage with you. I'm shy as hell, and I'm over here trying to make the first move and start a conversation, damn. Throw me a bone or something, geez. At least acknowledge that you have some form of interest or desire to possibly have a relationship with me, it feels so rude to just outright ignore someone.
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2022.01.23 23:43 Old-Ad3421 Relatable Right?

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2022.01.23 23:43 8iy_eaighty Pp

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2022.01.23 23:43 YogurtclosetLife2794 Do I just move on?

Hey ppl, this is a first for me to post online here, but I need eyes from the outside to lay opinions on my status. Sorry for a long post.
I’m a 22(M) and I recently got broken up with by my ex 20(F) kinda unexpected, we had such a good relationship and have been on multiple vacations including one with her family where they invited me along, and all together it was amazing, she has told me she never fell so deep in love with a person before and has really been in her feelings multiple times about how amazing I am towards her and how well I treat her and understanding her diagnosis (paranoid scizchophrenia, (she has negative symptoms) and I’m the best guy she has ever had in her life, both sexually and emotionally, everything was amazing till about 2 months ago where we kinda spent too much time together and needed some space from each other and I of course agreed and just kept going and after 3 days we talked and she said she miss me and don’t wanna keep taking space from one another, so we continued and it was great but I started to feel more concerned about it happening again, but we continued, I started to bring up how I was feeling about the break and she said I shouldn’t worry she loves me and don’t wanna loose me, so fast forward 1 month she asked for a break again saying she was feeling confused about us, because we were talking about our relationship more than enjoying it, which I can say is partly true cause I was always concerned bout the same situation, but she said she still loved me and wanted me in her life, and I told her I respect it but it’s the last time I wanna go on a break because it destroys something every time, and she said she understands and she’s sorry, we agreed on a 3 week break, and I didn’t contact her once after, she reached out to me once saying she needed me to understand (she was afraid I was sad or angry with her I guess) so we talked over the phone for 30 min, after that we didn’t talk 2 days, and she then sends me a text saying “goodnight” which I saw but only replied to the morning after, and then didn’ talk all day, before later in the evening where she posted a picture with a caption directed at me, it was our couple slogan, so I called and said what’s up with the picture, and she said she missed me of course and just wanted to let me know, this is 1,5 week into the break, then we started talking casually the following day and met up 2 days later and just continued from where we left off, I told her I don’t want anything changed, and she told me nothing is changed and she loves me and she knows she wanna be with me ( in both the breaks she didn go out partying or anything, she was just with her friends )
So this is December 5th we started again, and then fast forward to dec 19th we come home from a night out with friends, we started talking a bit and just resulted in than she don’t wanna be together anymore, she thinks we’re too different.. so I accepted it, told her I was disappointed that she made me take her back from the second break if this was how she felt, she said she hadn’t thought about breaking up before we started talking that night.. we kissed before going to sleep after all that, I went home and checked the Christmas gifts she had gotten me (3 pictures of us put in frames) she bought it 1 week before breaking up.. I didn contact her, she has reached out about casual stuff like her mom coming to pick up some stuff they had here, I unfollowed her and removed the pictures on my ig because It was hard looking at, she noticed and texted me saying “removed me everywhere after 2 days, I thought we was good” I then called her and she was crying and said she just wanted to follow me and me following her, so I said sure u can follow me I also followed her back (Dec 22), She started following a new guy on january 1 st, and same day she removed almost all the pictures we had, then we didn talk till January 5, where she texted me that she had heard the new songs I had written and recorded and she could hear they were inspired by the breakup and she respected what I was saying and she had unfollowed me and didn want any bad vibes, I told her I didn feel any bad vibes but if that what she felt like then she should do what she wanted to.. On January 15 she and her friends went to party with the guy she had followed, (he lives 12 hours away in car) but was in town for business reasons. She didn’t really post much the first night but then the day after her and all her friends when back to the Airbnb he had rented with friends to party again and this time she posted a picture on her story with her in the bathroom with him and he was holding holding around her and she was smiling with her tongue out, I got mad but didn make a reaction towards her, I just blocked her everywhere and removed the last things we had together, the day after she removed the last picture of us but still has some videos of us, I’m a musician and everything I post is me in the studio or something relevant to my job, and the day after I noticed her best friend had watched my story (we don’t follow each other) I knew they were together that day so I think they just wanted to see if I had posted something as answer to her story with the guy, of course I’m not a kid so I didn post anything sad or nothing related to it; just me being in the studio, 2 days later I saw her best friend had posted a story with my ex making breakfast wearing a shirt she had gotten from the guy, he’s back home now (he’s a footballer for a Norwegian team so she was wearing a shirt with his name on it, and of course I didn react. Just kept no contact cause i was starting to feel better I kinda started laughing about the situation and her possibly Being romantically interested in a new guy in under a month, it was there I felt I was the one that didn loose, but she did. Recently I’ve noticed more of her friends Is watching my Instagram stories, they don’t follow me, I have my songs saved in my Dropbox, and she has the login and I’ve noticed throughout this time passing after the breakup she has logged in and listened to some of the songs, I have removed all the songs from there, last time she logged in was 5 days, same day her best friend Also watched my story, over this weekend I’ve been out partying and so has she, there has been no contact since last time we spoke, I noticed yesterday she had unfollowed my Spotify artist page, her best friend watched my story also.. I don’t know what to feel about all this, I’m angry that she told me I was the best but then so quickly can move on and forget about it, but still checks my Dropbox and her friends stalking me. She has been very active on social media, today would have been our 1 year anniversary, she has posted a casual picture and a selfie to her story with her in a dress..
How does all this look from the outside?
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2022.01.23 23:43 amethyst_rose_23 Anyone have this glitch? Will went home day two. But all the sudden he is in the fun room

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2022.01.23 23:43 gerenicperson Hoi4 players when the next world war starts(its a hoi4 reference)

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2022.01.23 23:43 Serpentine-- What is the ultimate programming language duo in your opinion?

As it relates to career advancement. I've heard both SQL & C# // SQL & Python before, but not sure if that's true.
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2022.01.23 23:43 jdubglass123 Looking to buy this mk18. Is this a stock or a brace on it?

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2022.01.23 23:43 Zestyclose-Theme7118 So it’s confirmed that mama Krystal lite watched the kids lol

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2022.01.23 23:43 tryingtobehappy424 Under desk treadmill weight limit

Hey all!
Im looking for an under desk treadmill to help me get active with my work from home job. Most of the ones I am finding for $300-500 have weight limits of 250-300lbs. I am currently at 359 but at my highest I was at 380. I found one that has a weight limit of 400lbs, but is $1500….. Do you think it is worth it to pay the extra $ for the weight limit? It is also a far superior machine, but idk if it’s enough to justify a thousand dollar increase? Then again the ones with the lower limits I feel may not even move under my weight and I would be SOL. The expensive one has a 3 year warranty.
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2022.01.23 23:43 Karishmaasin BFA be like ???

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2022.01.23 23:43 Alone_Consequence_49 Oppo a52020

Hello, I recently purchased a used oppo A5 2020 SINGLE SIM, 3GB RAM 69GB ROM, and it has issues with using my network provider, it can't access network or data, what might be the problem
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